Saturday 8 May 2010

Come to the ICA tomorrow

Thank you very much for all your proposals. This opportunity is now closed, all artists included in By Appointment will receive a confirmation email today.

CBNC's aim is to bring together unknown artists so that we might raise, discuss and act upon many of the issues concerning the artist and the institute.

Galleries and art schools have come to represent a form of authority that 'governs' contemporary art; this is something we fundamentally disagree with but we do believe the institute can play an important role in our endeavours as artists. So we would like to facilitate activities that encourage dialogues between unknown artists and institutions, rupturing the structure of the system and the roles all we play within this system; as artists, employees, students and outsiders.

We would like to invite you all down to the ICA tomorrow 12-7pm to get the ball rolling; for you to meet us and each other, to discuss your interest in response to this project and to make suggestions in the formation of this new network.